Relationships are complex.

Each of us bring different experiences, emotions and perceptions to a relationship.  We view and interpret the same information differently.  24 hour connectivity and workplace proximity issues further complicate our ability to work effectively together.

Obstacles to Collaboration & Communication impede your productivity and growth.

Improving Your Collaboration & Communication Skills is Transformational

Collaboration is working together to produce or create something

Communication is how we exchange & share information

You will learn:
  • How to get organized in a 24/7 connected world, waste less time and have more productive relationships with others
  • The pitfalls of emotion in relationships and how to control yours
  • How to have “difficult” conversations in a direct, less confrontational manner
  • How to anticipate and better control how you react to your external environment
  • The value of knowing & understanding your personal preferences/biases
  • That “listening” is one of the most valuable and underutilized tools in your arsenal
  • How asking questions enhances your learning, actually makes you appear intelligent, and improves your likeability
  • The value of diversity and why you don’t want everyone on the team to think like you
  • Skills that position you to be a “go to” person with increased responsibilities
  • How to be a better teammate and leader

It’s a fact. Improving your professional and personal relationships will increase your happiness and success.

Our Collaboration & Communication Training Gives You a Framework for Improving relationships

Our learning environment opens minds and encourages action.

Content is based upon a thorough study of behavioral science and our unique work and life experiences.

We empower you with awareness, knowledge, and tools that you can actually practice and use.

Better Relationships. Better Results.

“Collaboration needs to be learned. It’s an art, really, that is based on a few powerful principles. But most people aren’t familiar with those principles. They’ve never been taught them.”