Relationships are complex.

Life is a series of interactions with people. You interact with people at work, in your community and with friends and family. Managing relationships and successfully collaborating with others is challenging. People bring different experiences and emotions to a relationship. We view and interpret the same information differently. We have different preferences, priorities, and goals. We approach issues differently. Communicating through technology platforms, 24-hour connectivity and workplace proximity issues further complicate our ability to maintain meaningful relationships, and work together effectively. Obstacles to meaningful relationships and effective collaboration create conflict and impede individual and team productivity and growth.

Improving Your Relationship & Collaboration Skills is Transformational

You and your team can harness the power of meaningful relationships, improved collaboration, and overcome the complexities of work and life.  You can learn and practice the skills that allow you to successfully navigate human behavioral challenges. You can experience better decision making – and less conflict- in times when the pressure is on, and things need to get done.

The skills you learn will give you and your team an EDGE that results in improved relationships, success, and happiness!


Your educational experience begins in a famous recording studio on Nashville’s music row. You will watch the collaborative and creative process unfold as some of the world’s best musicians create a song from scratch.  You will see that a studio session is simply a microcosm of relationship building, collaboration and problem solving that is necessary for success in any organization. After the unforgettable studio experience, your team will be inspired and reflective! We will then moderate a discussion relating the studio experience to your team’s relationship & collaboration practices. Action items for your team will be created.


We bring a unique perspective and a variety of experience. We are a Grammy Award winner who has worked with artists ranging from Eric Clapton to Taylor Swift. We are one of the world’s greatest musicians and collaborators who happens to be blind and is a master at overcoming obstacles. We are a business executive who managed over 400 people, growing revenue’s tenfold, whose passion is designing and delivering impactful training to individuals and organizations.


Our discussion content is focused upon your team’s specific circumstances, your team’s studio observations, and our unique work and life experiences. Our content is supplemented by the thousand of hours we have invested into the study of behavioral science on relationships, collaboration, teamwork, and decision-making.


Studies show that people forget approximately 77% of what they learn in 6 days. Your team will remember the impressive and moving experience that watching the creation of music is. Our research-based lessons will be front of mind as it is associated with this inspiring experience. We capture your attention – motivate you to learn- and empower you with knowledge and tools you can use.

Join us for an unforgettable and effective training and development experience!

Learn the relationship and collaboration skills that make a difference.

We would love to help you create an impactful and rewarding educational experience for you and your team.

 Andy Oldham at 615-815-8505