No matter what you do – better relationships will help you do it better.

Sound Collaboration Group’s training will provide you with the framework to build impactful relationships that can be the key to unlocking incredible opportunities.

You will improve your ability to:

  • Communicate clearly and confidently- minimizing conflict & emotion
  • Collaborate with diverse teams as a leader or participant
  • Expand your horizons by asking for help and listening
  • Control your environment, emotions and improve your productivity


We have very distinct backgrounds and experiences. What we have in common is our history of leading, working with, and bringing out the best in people and teams.

Ben Fowler is a Grammy Award winning Producer/Engineer who has worked with hundreds of artists such as Eric Clapton, Diana Ross, and Taylor Swift, to name a few.  Managing relationships through the creative and business process is one of the most crucial and enjoyable aspects of Ben’s job. Read Full Bio

Gordon Mote is one of the world’s greatest musicians.  He is known throughout the music industry as  leader and collaborator and is a go-to resource in the recording studio.  Gordon was born blind, and his circumstances make him an adept listener which is one of the most important skills in maintaining relationships. Read Full Bio

Andy Oldham served as the Chief Operating Officer of a North American based consulting firm where he was responsible for over 400 colleagues and was privileged to serve a Fortune 500 client base.  His passion is creating and delivering hundreds of training initiatives to the firms colleagues and clients. Read Full Bio

Kate Cacopardo is the Operations and Media manager here at Sound Collaboration Group. A senior at Belmont University, Kate has already found her way into many different roles in the industry, including interning in the digital department at Q Prime South and working as the Administrative and Marketing Assistant at Ocean Way Nashville Studios. Read Full Bio

The song “I’m an Open Road” by Canada’s Paul Brandt illustrates our unique approach to learning.  It was created in front of 40 Sound Collaboration Group students in one of our In Studio Experience training sessions at Nashville’s famed Ocean Way Recording Studio. Students watched the collaboration of the studio team as the song came together.  The group then participated in a targeted debrief addressing the teamwork skills they witnessed and how their observations applied to their circumstances. 


We dive deep into the science and literature surrounding relationships, collaboration, communication, and teamwork. We have invested thousands of hours reading, studying, and attending educational forums that address the behavioral processes and cognitive states that affect how people collaborate with one another. Please click here for a partial list of the literature, studies and resources that have contributed to our learning curriculum.

We supplement traditional learning by interviewing a broad spectrum of successful people on our Insight with Gordon Mote Podcast. On Insight, Gordon chats with a variety of individuals, including authors, musicians, astronauts, and business leaders. He digs in to how they collaborate with others to make big things happen.

We have combined our unique backgrounds with studious research and have designed training experiences that will equip you with valuable behavioral insights and tools to enhance your collaboration skills and relationships.

Our Team

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Ben Fowler
Ben Fowler

Gordon Mote

Andy Oldham
Kate Cacopardo

“The collaboration experience in Nashville was phenomenal!  Our group was fully immersed in the environment and experienced the teaming required to produce a published work of art.  The team learned firsthand, the importance of trust, accountability, integrity, structure and leadership.  It illustrated how all of these variables are vital to achieving your goals and objectives.”