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Andy Oldham

Prior to joining Sound Collaboration Group, Andy served as the Chief Operating Officer of a North American based state & local tax consulting firm, where he was personally responsible for a team of over 400 who provided services to the largest companies in North America. He worked with the CEO to co-pilot a fivefold growth in the firm’s annual revenues, in the process transferring millions of dollars of wealth to employees through an employee stock ownership plan. 

Andy’s passion and focus is on creating and delivering impactful, sustainable training and development programs. He has worked with and learned from some of North America’s best experiential training organizations. Andy has personally created and led a variety of impactful experiential training forums including a training forum held at Mount Rushmore where the focus was on perseverance and the work of Gutzon Borglum (who designed and built the monument), as well as a leadership course on decision making which he designed in collaboration with a renowned Gettysburg historian and author at Gettysburg National Military Park. Andy enjoys creating unique learning environments that capture attention, open minds, and result in sustained improvement.

In 2008, Andy co-created a Tax Seminar Series at DMA that provides hundreds of tax seminars throughout North America for clients and prospects such as Abott, Bridgestone, Conagra Brands, Emerson, Exxon Mobil, Levi Strauss & Co., Lilly, Nissan, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, Panera, Parker Hannifin, Sherwin-Williams, Under Armour, United Technologies, and Yum! Brands. This effort necessitated the formulation of a “train the trainer” process focused on developing the presentation and soft skills of the seminar providers. 

Andy earned a BS in Accounting from Ball State University. He invests a substantial amount of time studying collaboration and best practices in the training industry. Additionally, Andy has participated in several philanthropic endeavors throughout the years, most recently serving on the Board of Directors of an organization focused on providing temporary housing to women exiting recovery programs.