At Your Location

At Your Location

Who Should Attend

We can design a curriculum for your leaders, managers and/or expanded team members.  The course is designed for anyone who works with people and wants to identify strategies for improving teamwork and collaboration.

What You Will Experience

  • Prior to visiting, we will communicate with you using virtual meeting tools to gain an understanding of your situation and specific areas of focus.

    Your team will complete an on-line survey and share information on individual and organizational collaboration practices. This will identify strengths as well as gaps and areas of opportunity.

    Based upon our discussions and information gathered, we will design a curriculum and learning environment that is engaging and allows all participants voices to be heard.

  • The training will NOT be lecture format and is designed to allow your team to drive the discussion to identify what is working and what is not in your collaborative practices.  We will assist your team in identifying the behaviors that contribute to poor collaboration. 

  • We will illustrate parallels from our in-studio sessions that will inform and energize your group. Insights
    from our accomplished guests on the Insight with Gordon Mote podcast will provide best practices that
    your team can implement to improve collaboration.

    Written action items outlining the improvement areas and responsible parties will be created.

    If appropriate, we may liven up the session with some clips and lessons from our In-Studio Sessions as well as some insights on collaboration best practices from our accomplished guests on the Insight with Gordon Mote Podcast

  • In addition, 3 months after the session, your team will complete an online survey sharing their opinion on your organization’s improved collaborative practices.  We will work with you to address any challenges hindering your newfound inspired collaboration practices.  Our goal is sustained improvement in your collaborative practices.

Course Discussion Topics

Understanding personal strengths & weaknesses, style, work preferences & biases

Awareness of others, the situation, & most likely outcomes

Why perspective matters

The danger of emotion

The power of listening

Why you should have “that” conversation

The role of planning & structure in collaboration

Working across and through

Silos, politics and conflicting goals

Are you positioned to thrive?

Let’s Collaborate