In Studio Experience

In Studio Experience

Who Should Attend

Our In-Studio experience in Nashville, TN is designed for up to 50 members of your organization to join us in a legendary studio where you will join world class musicians, producers, engineers, and songwriters. The course is designed for anyone who works with people and wants to identify strategies for improving collaboration and teamwork.

What You Will Experience

  • Prior to joining us in Nashville

    • -We will communicate with you using virtual meeting tools to gain an understanding of your situation and specific areas of focus.
    • -Your team, if desired, will complete an online survey to gather information on individual and organizational collaboration practices.  This will identify strengths and improvement opportunities.

  • In Nashville, you will be among the studio team and experience collaboration in a live session where music is created. Being in-studio with artists that are innovating and creating something in such a short period of time will have an inspiring, almost magical effect on your team!

  • You will have lunch at the studio and have an opportunity to chat with the musicians about their collaborative habits.

  • After the studio session we will facilitate a debrief with your team focusing on the survey results and observations from the in-studio experience.

    Your team will be introspective, reflective and collaborative!  They will drive the discussion that results in targeting what is working and what can use improvement in your team’s collaborative practices. We will assist your team in identifying behaviors that contribute to poor collaboration. Action items to improve your organization’s collaboration will be identified.

  • During the debrief we will focus on individual skills, behaviors, and circumstances that influence effective communication.

    • – Awareness – the importance of understanding the situation and accounting for the probability of various alternatives and outcomes
    • – Having the proper perspective/minimizing emotion
    • – Inclusion – the benefit of ensuring all relevant stakeholders are included and heard
    • – The power of listening in collaboration
    • – The value of polite, necessary conversation
    • -The role of planning, structure, and follow-up in collaborating and decision making.
  • When you return to your place of work, your team will acknowledge this training as one of the most enjoyable and impactful training experiences they have had.

    The experience, and its lessons on collaboration, are memorable. Experiencing collaboration, as they did, will have a very motivating effect on them to implement the improvement objectives they created during the debrief.

  • In addition, 3 months after the session, your team will complete a 2nd online survey sharing their opinion on your organization’s improved collaborative practices.  We will work with you to address any challenges hindering your newfound inspired collaboration practices. Our goal is sustained improvement in your collaborative practices.

Program Format

The morning portion of the course is held in studio. The afternoon session is an instructor-led debrief discussion

Afternoon Debrief Discussion Topics

Reflection on the morning session. Collaboration traits observed

Understanding personal strengths & weaknesses, style, work preferences, & biases

Awareness of others, the situation, & most likely outcomes

Why perspective matters

The danger of emotion

The power of listening

Why you should have “that” conversation

The role of planning & structure in collaboration

Let’s Collaborate