About Us

Kate Cacopardo

Currently a senior Music Business major at Belmont University, Kate has already found her way into many different roles in the industry. During her first two years at Belmont, she was an operations team member for Belmont University’s Office of Event Services, as well as the creative director for the university’s chapter of CMA EDU. She has also worked for Country Music Association (CMA) as temporary media staff and a talent escort. Her ability to navigate the winding and sometimes confusing backstage corridors has earned her praise from top acts such as For King & Country. Additionally, she serves as the Administrative Assistant and marketing manager for Ocean Way Nashville Studios—where she met Ben. In addition to her work with Sound Collaboration Group, she now assists Ben with his social media presence as well as his new independent record label High West Records.

She recently co-founded Belmont’s Music Row Promo. Music Row Promo was created to allow industry professionals to utilize a college-age marketing task force, while providing students with the unique experience of working hands-on with some of Nashville’s greatest.

Kate truly understands that to bring these diverse groups together successfully takes a deep understanding desired outcome on a personal level. That each person, each group, each business will benefit in a positive way. And the only way to bring the best an entire group has to offer is through genuine and sincere collaboration.