Inspiring Effective Collaboration – Virtual Live

Inspiring Effective Collaboration – Virtual Live

Inspiring Effective Collaboration – Virtual Live provides live access to the Sound Collaboration Group team via online collaboration tools such as Zoom/Skype.  We recommend virtual sessions be limited to 6 individuals so that we can dig into specifics surrounding the participants’ collaboration and teamwork.  We will collaborate for three 90 minute sessions over the course of 3 days. 

Collaboration is how people work together to get things done.  It sounds simple, but in reality, it is filled with challenges.  People, personalities, egos, biases, circumstances, deadlines, money, dueling goals and much more can complicate our ability to collaborate effectively together.  Participants will learn the skills that enhance effective collaboration and improve your ability to be more productive, more persuasive, and an in-demand teammate!

Inspiring Effective Collaboration is designed to maximize interaction and discussion with and between participants.  During the course we may illustrate specific collaboration points with recent video/audio from one of our studio sessions or our accomplished podcast guests.  As we ask you to share your challenges, we’ll share some of our unique collaboration challenges and experiences that we have had working with some of the biggest names in music as well as with leading a company of over 450 individuals that provides services to a Fortune 1000 marketplace. 

Course Discussion Topics

Understanding personal strengths & weaknesses, style, work preferences & biases

Awareness of others, the situation & most likely outcomes

Why perspective matters

The danger of emotion

The power of listening

Why you should have “that” conversation

The role of planning & structure in collaboration

Working across and through

Silos, politics and conflicting goals

Are you positioned to thrive?

Let’s Collaborate